10 Pocket Pagers System

10 Pocket Pagers System
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    10 Pocket Pagers System


    This Slimline Transmitter has an excellent 1/4 to 1/2 mile range and supports up to 9,999 B3305 Pocket Pager 2s.

    The Pocket Pager 2 offers unlimited numeric messages, and three 12-character, pre-programmed text messages. The Pocket Pager 2 receives a page from the transmitter, then vibrates or sounds a tone (depending on programming), then displays a text or numeric message if one was sent.

    The alert mode on the pager is pre-programmed to vibrate only, or user-selectable (tone or vibrate). When paged, the Pocket Pager 2 responds with a vibration or tone. A low-battery symbol indicates when the battery level is low.

    Each pager uses one replaceable AAA battery (included) and has a belt clip for easy carrying.

    Important: For on-line orders from churches, the pagers will be numbered sequentially starting at #1. Pre-programmed text messages will be: (1) Child Fine, (2)Please Come, and (3) Need Help. For alternative custom text messages, please call to place your order: 1-800-635-3811 or provide the programming information in the "Special Order Instructions" field during checkout.

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