Model 3560 (6-Digit) Wireless Visual-Pager® Display

Model 3560 (6-Digit) Wireless Visual-Pager® Display
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    Model 3560 (6-Digit) Wireless Visual-Pager® Display


    The Model 3560 is a single-number, 6-digit wireless Visual-Pager® display that is operated by the MultiPage Transmitter, which has a 1/4- to 1/2-mile range. This UHF display has 5.5-inch tall digits viewable up to 125 feet and is encased in an extruded-aluminum case.

    * Limited Warranty Information - Microframe extends a 1-year limited warranty on all products which covers failure, parts, and service. During the warranty period, if a product fails or malfunctions, we will repair or replace the unit at no charge if it is due to product failure and not damage or abuse. After the 1-year limited warranty is expired, all repairs will be subject to a minimal repair fee. Free customer service is available to all customers Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM, CST time by calling our toll-free number, 1-800-635-3811.


    The UHF Displays are designed to work best with the Microframe MultiPage System. The Displays have two modes: 1) As a "Visual-Pager," the Display will store and rotate up to 20 numbers at a time. Numbers can be entered and deleted from the Display using the MultiPage Transmitter. 2) The Display can also be used as a "Pager Confirmation System." In this mode, the Display shows the number of every Vibrating Pager that has been paged.


    Mode 1) Using the MultiPage Transmitter, simply type in a number and press "ENTER" to send that number to the Display. To delete a number from the Display, simply press "CANCEL" then type the number followed by "ENTER." Mode 2) The number of any Pager that is paged shows on the Display. No operator intervention is required.

    Paging Testimonials

    "We are using your 2-digit display system and we are finding it very beneficial in meeting our needs. We will be ordering more in the future as we grow the program.

    The service you have provided to Beau Jo's Management Company has been outstanding and our business relationship has been mutually beneficial. Your company’s professionalism has been greatly appreciated."

    Jim Abbs, Director of Operations
    Beau Jo’s Management Company – Lakewood, CO

    "Getting the customer seated quickly is the name of the game. We seat people in 1.5 minutes now with the Visual-Pager instead of 5 minutes using a PA system. I am immensely pleased with the Microframe system, and we are enjoying a quieter restaurant with more table turns. I recommend it to anyone in a high-volume paging environment."

    Edd Hendee, Owner/Operator
    Taste of Texas – Houston, TX
    (customer since 1992)

    "Very reliable system – no down time.
    Made a tremendous improvement in the atmosphere of the restaurant and reduced the noise. Reduced the use of the PA System by 90 percent."

    Larry Rainosek
    Frontier Restaurant – Albuquerque, NM

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