WiFi Visual PagingŪ

Wi-Fi Visual-PagingŪ with an App

WiFi Visual-PagingŪ App - Send in-network pages to Microframe's 2, 3, 4, 6-digit LED Visual-PagingŪ Displays from our Free Android and Apple iOS apps for smart phones and tablets, or from any PC or MAC on the network. Easily add as many Wi-Fi displays as you would like and control all Wifi displays at once, or on an individual basis. Our Apple App is now available in the Apple App Store by searching "Microframe" or just click the App Store button below. Our Android App is available now in the Marketplace by searching "Microframe Corp" or just click on the Marketplace button below. Click Here and submit the "Contact Us" form if you would like someone to contact you to find out more information.

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